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IonCleanse Foot Bath

Tired of feeling tired? Restore your health and vitality naturally!

The IonCleanse creates the same environment as a walk along the beach. Attaching itself to waste and removing from the body through osmosis. Used properly, the IonCleanse will supply a relaxing and comfortable way for you to begin the healing process. In just one session you can begin seeing results!

This is what to expect in a session:
You will start by sitting in a chair with your feet in a container of warm water for 30 minutes. As the process begins, the water will turn colors as the body works to remove waste and byproducts. In some cases you may feel light sensations such as itching, drawing, and or tingling. At the end of your session, your feet will be washed and your water examined.

What to expect after your IonCleanse session:
You have just begun detoxifying your body and started the process of elimination of the poisons that were floating around. The body will now be encouraged to release the toxins held in the storage areas. Remember if we're eating wrong, not exercising, not drinking water or constipated, the toxic poisons can immobilize our bodies. To keep that from happening our bodies will store poisons that are released as you detoxify so you can detoxify even more.

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